One of my BFF’s needs help with his Bachelor pad!

One of my BFF’s from college has been working diligently on his home for the past year, but then he got suck when it came to his sun room.  His plans to add a pool table are not possible due to the ceiling height.   I have come up with two plans, one more traditional and conservative and the other, brings a little night club to his sunroom.  Which one he will choose???

Traditional Sun room Space Planning
Transforming Sun Room to Night Club

4 thoughts on “One of my BFF’s needs help with his Bachelor pad!

  1. Stacy,

    The home office is a wonderful idea. A bit of seclusion to focus on the important matters in life. I’d add a corner book case in lower right hand corner, and a small circular coffee table by the chair. As for the night club, consider possibly removing one of booths and having a walk around bar. Yes, an actual working bar that has a tap or two of his favorite beer. Adding a Fossball table and dart board would really give the room a English Pub feel to it. A perfect place for entertaining guests, who would no doubt leave a bit jealous.

    A small office/ iPod stereo should be considered for both ideas. Everybody needs a bit of music.

    Either way your friend is going to have a great looking room .


    1. Thanks, for the suggestions! Definitely would of liked to add a bar, but due to budget and plumbing availability would of been just a a budget buster. Additionally the lack of wall space and French door clearance. I am still playing with a few ideas. The iPod stereo system is definitely a must have!

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