Designing my new Bachelorette pad!

Re-Design After Separation or Divorce! For those of us that are married or in a cohabitational relationship, separation or divorce is the last thing we think about ever happening!  I know it was the furtherest thing from my mind.  Well it happens, so now what? Do we burn all our ex’s belongs and live as a depressed slop?  I do not know about you, but that is not happening in my lifetime, well not living like a slop at least.  We did have a nice bonfire !!! LOL

Here are a few things that will get your way to “your new bachelor or bachelorette pad”;

  • De-clutter
  • Next add  a fresh new coat of paint (if you don not want to paint the entire room, paint an accent wall)
  • Redo your bedroom furniture, try replacing your headboard, etc
  • Replace your bed linens with something neutral
  • Add additional pillows on your bed, it always makes the bed so more inviting
  • Don’t forget window treatments
  • Purchase few accessories, such as artwork, candles, etc.
Re-Design your space to reflect your personality! Be careful not to make your bedroom too gender specific, you will be dating again eventually.  Ummm.  Where to start?  the bed of course!
Mistletoe Sleigh Bed-KING | Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman

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