A Friend in Need…Lets all help!

Just received an email for

a colleague of mine and thought I would post it.  Please help in anyway you can! Visit http://www.murphyhillgallery.com

Hi All,

I know it’s Spring, but it feels more like a dreary Fall 😦  Hope you’re dealing with it HAPPILY!!!

As many of you know, I have been working with the Murphy Hill Art Gallery, for the past few months.  The Eclectic Design Collaborative held our launch party there, we have a small space designed there, and I have been “secretly” volunteering there when needed.

I have a soft spot in my heart for the gallery, because of what it represents.  They are located in West Lawndale – one of the poorest areas of the city, but for the past 5 years Mr. Murphy and Mr. Hill, created a “beacon of light” for this distressed  community.  The stories of life transformations of visitors to the space are amazing, and should be prominently featured in the media.

The gallery has never been profitable as it is an “unknown hidden gem”.  The residents of the community are never asked for donations, as they under served, with average annual incomes of less that $19,000.  However Mr. Murphy and Mr. Hill provided an extraordinary space, with wonderful services at minimal, to no charge – sadly without the assistance of “prominent” and nearby community leaders.

There are many, many success stories that can be told, but my favorite is about at least “one” life that was saved, because of the gallery…..

Several teenage boys were standing on a nearby corner – one of them with a visible “gun” in his pocket.  Mr. Murphy approached the teens, and told them about a photography workshop they were offering in the gallery space.  They didn’t seem interested, but Mr. Murphy convinced the teen with the “visible gun” to hand it over.  He took the young man into the gallery, and gave him a camera and told him to “shoot” anything he wanted to.  As it turns out, that young man had an artistic eye (as many of them do).  He began to attend the workshops regularly, turned his life around, and is now being “paid” as a “professional” photographer for weddings and other events.  I believe his life was saved that day.

Mr. Murphy and Mr. Hill have also established a small “non-profit” segment called Art Forms 22.  This program is solely to provide a stop-gap for the elimination of art education in the public schools.  They also provide art days for critically ill children in the community, who are being cared for at nearby hospitals.

The sad news is that the building where the gallery is located is closing, and the gallery is being forced to move to another location.  Their dreaded last full day at the Lawndale location is May 27th.  There is no time to plan for a successful fundraiser, but they need money to assist them in their move.

I am “personally” asking for your help, for ANY donation you can provide to help them get moved, and to continue their programs. I am presently forming a continuous list of other success stories, programs they want to continue, and new programs they plan to develop.  This exercise will also be required for future grant requests.

I know it is tight all over, but PLEASE pass the word and send whatever you can….in ANY AMOUNT starting at as little as $5.00 ASAP!!!  To be sure that the funds are being properly allocated, I have been asked to oversee this request.

Please make checks payable to:  The Murphy Hill Gallery

Mail to: The Murphy Hill Gallery

c/o Gwen Williams

P.O. Box 803134

Chicago, Illinois 60680-3134

Thank you so much for your assistance, and I will you keep you posted on the results.



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