Prepping your home for Spring

What to swap, store, donate or trash…
Prepping for Spring

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Its time to transform your space for spring by making a few small changes. Lets begin with what to swap and what items to store. 


Swap It: Switching drapes is one of the easiest ways to give your home a major update. Take down heavy curtains and replace them with flowing sheer styles to let in all that spring sunlight.

Store It: Before storing draperies; vacuum curtains from the top down, then spot-clean any stains. Want to cut down on wrinkling? Try draping draperies over a hanger and place in your closet. Or, fold lengthwise into quarters.  Store rolled “burito-style” in a canvas bag that will let the fabric breathe.



Swap It: Who doesn’t love a heavy duvet when the weather outside is frightful? But once it starts warming up, a lighter blanket or quilt are often all you need.

Store It: Most down comforters can be machine-washed (though dropping them off at the dry-cleaner might be easier if they’re too big for your washing machine). Wash on a gentle setting with mild detergent, and set your machine to a double rinse. Dry on low with a couple of dryer balls (tennis balls do the trick too), and know that you might have to let the cycle run more than once to get the comforters completely dry. Store them in a breathable cotton or canvas bag to prevent mustiness. Or do what some people do, and use them as mattress toppers underneath your fitted sheet.

Cha cha pillow


Swap It: Just as jewelry can make or break an outfit, pillows can do the same in a home. While spot-on for winter, velvet or wool styles seem a little heavy-handed for spring.

Store It: If your pillows are clad in removable covers, pull off the covers and follow the laundering instructions before storage. Storing down pillows in vacuum bags can cause them to lose their fluffiness and insulating abilities, so place them in a hamper or a trunk (cedar is a natural bug repellent). That said, synthetic pillows do just fine when compressed.

Citrine Vase


Swap It: If you added winter accessories and decor swap them out for lighter, brighter versions. Alternatively, if you typically use accessories for the spring and summer months, it’s time to take them out of storage.

Store It: Most styles are ceramic or metal, so clean them according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Then package and store them, wrapping them in bubble wrap if applicable, or packing away the whole shebang in an acid-free box.


Its time to donate or trash your unwanted items,consider the following:


If you come across a piece that’s in great shape but just doesn’t work for you anymore, consider donate it  to an organization that will ensure it ends up in a good home.

DONATION TOWN  Is a nationwide directory listing which charities offer donation pickups, making it a snap to get rid of clothing, furniture, toys, and home goods.

GOODWILL  Is known for accepting most clothing and household items, Goodwill has several donation centers located throughout most cities.

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY  “ReStores” offer free scheduled pickup of large items and will gladly accept household goods, furniture, appliances, and building materials.

CHILDREN IN NEED  This Maryland based-specific shop is a great option for Hagerstown,MD dwellers looking to tame their clutter. It takes clothing, books, and coats.  All donations are distributed to local children and women in need.  Those in needs any need to be a recipient of public assistance.

THE SALVATION ARMY  The Salvation Army lets you schedule a pickup online or drop off your goods, and it takes everything from appliances to your zebra printed boots.


If something is just too worn to donate, it might be time to bid it farewell. In most cities, it’s illegal to leave furniture and appliances on the curb. Schedule a  pickup (just check with your local refuse company), while others require that you hire a licensed hauler to cart your cast-offs away.

1-800-GOT-JUNK  This full-service company will remove everything from furniture to carpet to scrap metal for you.

COLLEGE HUNKS HAULING JUNK   Hilarious name aside, this company does an awesome job of junk removal—like 1-800-Got-Junk, its “hunks” will actually carry the piece in question out for you. They partners with many charities to try to first find a home for items before carting them off to the dump.

DUMPSTER RENTAL  Thousands of companies across the country, such as Budget Dumpster and Waste Management, rent out dumpsters of different sizes, which they haul away once full for a fee.